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About Us

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

About Us

Lookie Loops began as a way to keep MYSELF organized. I wasn’t thinking of anyone else’s organization problems at the time. I just wanted to keep my sunglasses from falling out of the pocket of my gym bag when I put it on the floor. The last straw was when they fell out one time too many and got scratched.

So I designed what I called ‘my loopy thing’ and made it super-functional for me. When I found I was transferring it to my purse and back to my gym bag – I made another one for myself.

Then the name came about as I thought about the most important aspects of this product … and why some other people might also be able to use it. The “lookie” (for eyewear) and the “loop” (for the loop, obviously LOL)

As my friends saw me using mine they told me what they’d like and I started making Lookie Loops for them. Of course, they also came up with even better ideas for things to use a Lookie Loop for … the biggest one being a cell phone. Don’t dig around the bottom of your bag for your phone. Lookie Loop It!!

Yes, in my case, Necessity was the Mother of Invention. And I’m definitely Necessity’s Daughter!

Thanks for stopping in my shop. I’d love to hear from you! Carol