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Custom House by Lookie Loops

Custom House by Lookie Loops


Preserve the memory of a special person or event.  Our Custom House will transform a special article of clothing or other fabric item into any of our Lookie Loop products.  You'll be able to carry the memories with you on a daily basis.


HERE'S ALL YOU NEED TO DO to make this Custom House memory happen. 

  1. Click here to get the process started.  We will send you a Priority Mail Tyvek envelope and label to send your item to us. 
Custom House by Lookie Loops2. Find the item you'd like to send. (This process works best with cottons and cotton blends, not knits, leather or heavy weight upholstery fabrics).  Drop your item in the envelope and take it to the Post Office or have your letter carrier pick it up.  THAT'S ALL!
Custom House by Lookie Loops
3. We will either e-mail or talk by phone about the items you'd like made and any personalities you'd like incorporated into your new items. 
We'll see how much fabric we have to work with
Custom House by Lookie Loops

We'll lay it all out to ensure the best possible fit

Custom House by Lookie Loops

 We shop for complementary fabric designs that will take your loved ones' personalities into account.Custom House by Lookie Loops

 All items are then be lovingly packaged an delivered back to you via Priority Mail.

 Custom House by Lookie Loops
  • $ 22.50 ~ Lookie Loops cell phone or sunglass holders (any size)
  • $ 22.50 ~ Bookie Loops book pouches 7" x 3" (for readers, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.)
  • $ 18.00 ~ Walley Loop wallets with lobster claw key clasp
  • $ 32.00 ~ Pocket Loops 8" x 5" crossbody bag with zippered close, pen slot, and large pockets front & back
  • $ 13.00 ~ EnveLoops with clasp for ear buds, change, power cords
  • $ 15.00 ~ Keep-It Bag Small ~ 4-1/2" x 5" zip close
  • $ 21.00 ~ Keep-It Bag Medium ~ 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" zip close, grab tab
  • $ 27.00 ~ Keep-It Bag Large ~ 6" x 9" zip close, grab tab, coordinating flange


  •  $5.00 ~ One (1) item returned to you
  •  $8.00 ~ Two (2) items returned to you
  •  $10.00 ~ Three or more (3+) items returned to you

This will be such a great collaboration!

Click here to get the process started.