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Flamingos Fabric Crossbody Bag - Crossbody Bags
flamingos crossbody bag with pockets
flamingos crossbody bag with pockets

Flamingos Fabric Crossbody Bag

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“Pocket Loop” Crossbodies are the perfect way to carry more than one thing with you – when you don’t want to carry an additional bag.

Each Pocket Loop has a large pocket that wraps around from front to back.

The front pocket is divided into two sections: a larger one for credit cards, business cards or money.  The other section is narrow for a lipstick, pen, or other long narrow object.

The back pocket goes down the length of the Pocket Loop and could be used for sunglasses or something else that’s a bit wider. The interior is suitable for cell phone, sunglasses or other things you may wish to keep protected.

All Pocket Loops are lightly padded and come with a zippered closure.  The trim on the outside pockets is in a contrasting fabric and continues throughout the interior.

Our new Pocket Loops are a generous 5 wide and 8 tall.  They come with an adjustable lobster claw clasp strap.  (Wallet pictured not included)